In Dysfunctional, you play as Benjamin, Nathan, and Charlotte; a family trying to find their way out of a dungeon. Switch control between family members and use their respective strengths to solve the puzzles in each room.


W, A, S, D and Space - Walk and Jump

Enter - Interact

Q and E - Switch control between family members

R - Restart room


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Nicely done ! I was expecting a bit of story, but the level designs are good ! (and the polish too)

Thank you mate!

Really nice puzzle game! Your art and sound design are very good! Special mention to the level design, it is also very good given the deadlines!

Thank you very much!

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Cool game ! The polish is sweet !


Liked it! Only wish it were longer!

Thank you!

Fun puzzle and totally adorable!


That was a fantastically polished game! Was loads of fun, I just wish there were more puzzles


Thank you for the kind words!